Ready, set, FIDM!

I started school on Thursday. I felt like a grown girl the moment I woke up! I never woke up so early before. I woke up at 6am to get ready, picked up Chris and Kien at 6:45am, and headed for the freeway by 7am. Made it to school around 7:30am and we were searching for our classrooms. Found it and started our first day at school!

I made friends in every class. However, not to be stereotypical but many of the "girls" in my classes didn't get my humor... pretty sad because I use to be the clown in high school :(

Oh well, cut to the chace, pictures for you picture people!

Day 1 (Tuesday)
Day 22 (Wednesday)

First day of school.

The view from the 5th floor.

Kien walking back from the Annex building across the street.
He just got off sewing class.

I went home and found a surprise waiting for me. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag in Nickel. What a great present after my first day of school!

How does Chris look modeling my pink FIDM sweater & my new handbag, haha!


R.M. said...

Is this why you couldn't get the floral dress? *teasing* That bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! Your school looks so lovely... and hmm... not the most nutritious lunch, now is it? But, dang, I love Funyons!

katherinelou said...

i'm soo jealous that you go to fdim !