Not one, not two, but FOUR new born pups!

On July 1, 2008 while I was driving home from the doctors with my mother and my younger sister in my car, my boyfriend gives me a call and tells me our dog Lily is giving birth to her 2nd liter of puppies. I drop off mom at home and my sister comes with me, I drive like a maniac to my boyfriend's house and by the end of the night... four new born puppies are welcomed to us!

Nighty night.

They open their eyes and ears in about 2-3 weeks and from then on, they grow really quickly. Updates will be posted!



what a sweet bunch of Pups!! ♥

katherinelou said...

i love puppies ! thanks for the comment !


Cool, information, thanks. I will check that selling website out!! =)

R.M. said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! CUTTTE CUUUTEEE!!! I loooooove puppies and babies. Sooo cute!!!

The blouse wasn't pinned on, I did have the back tucked into the jeans, that sort of half tucked in not tucked in look. I will be more than happy to give you a discount on a next purchase :) Let me know, I can set it up for you.

I love the new white backgrounds too and the outdoor settings. I am going to be doing a mix of both in the future. Right now we're mostly doing indoor shoots because it rains everyday and due to the rain I had to keep canceling photoshoots this summer. So, you can guess how frustrated I got with that... *hehe*

Adorevintage.com said...

Sooooo precious