Orange County Fair Part II

This is my second batch of photos from the OC Fair on Sunday. I've been to the LA Fair (once, 2009?) and it wasn't that much fun so I wasn't exactly too excited for the OC Fair but I must say that I underestimated it. I had also never been to the OC so the hour drive was a surprise at 8am in the morning. My sister had to constantly play some of my favorite songs to keep me awake.

We arrived rather early and there were almost no lines for food, rides, or games. However, the food tastes much better around a crowd. We spent the first hours around the barns, looking at the different farm animals, and witnessing what most of us eat on a daily basis. I must admit, I didn't have much of an appetite after visiting the animals.

I'll post the remaining photos tomorrow as I have to be up in 8 hours to go on another adventure that will be my first, fishing.

8.11.11 @ 12:30am UPDATE!

More photos to come tomorrow :) I believe I have about 20 more? xo

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