How I Wish Hawaii

Dress from Urban Outfitters, Flip flops by Havianas, Ray Ban sunglasses

I wish I were in Hawaii every time I wear this dress.

This tube dress has to be one of the oldest pieces of clothing I've kept in my closet. I believe it's going on about 5? or 6? years. It's so old that the elastic smocked band on the top/chest area is beginning to dry out and no longer be able to hold up. I've had a couple of nipple slips wearing it to be honest.

Anyways, went back to my alma mater today because my sister needed to take her senior portraits. $44 to basically just be "in" the yearbook. You get more shots and you get to take out one blemish or whatever but seriously? Almost 1/2 a bill and not receive a copy of a real photograph in your hands is a rip off, damn you Clifford's Photography. I could have taken these photos and give each student a copy for way less. Mini me and I waited for about 2 hours doing absolutely nothing, such as playing photographer.

A photo of me and my photographer for today :)
I swear, she takes better photos than anyone else that has taken a photo of me.
Love her!


Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

Love the tube dress!!!

Stacey said...

The last picture is so cute!!! I have this dress too and love it, I just wish we had more sunny days over in the UK so I could wear it more!!