Beginners Battle

Me (Urban Outfitters floral cropped top, Forever21 high waisted denim shorts, Chinese Laundry sandals, Rebecca Minkoff handbag)

Sis (my H&M top, leggings, Lauren Conrad for KOHLS heels, ZARA handbag)

My sister turns 18 this December and has never owned a pair of high heels. With a lot of formal events taking place these past few months in her rising on becoming a senior in high school and college coming soon.. she needed a pair of black heels that she could wear so I got her these LC for KOHLS heels! Today was her first day wearing them and she is still whining about how much they hurt (not the shoes but her walking in them.). What can I say, a girl needs practice before she can walk the walk right?

These photos aren't the best outfit photos but nonetheless post worthy :)


Kiwi's Fashion Blog said...

What a good big sis u r :)

Lisa said...

That's so nice of you! And I missed seeing you with that RM bag! :D