Sweat Shorts

Vintage top, F21 tank top, shorts, K-mart shoes, Rebecca Minkoff handbag

I would love to own a pair of Alexander Wang's Cotton Blend Sweat Shorts but this pair of wannabes is going to have to do from Forever21. They're not as soft (duh) but they come close to looking just as comfortably chic.. don't cha think?

The day went by fairly quickly. Time always seems to zoom by when you have an agenda of things to do. My day started off by waking up at 6:00am, taking the sis to school, coming home and continuing "project closet", falling asleep for 2 hours, getting a call from the BFF who wanted to go to the optometrist, then it was time to pick up the sis and dropped the BFF off at work. And after all of that I still haven't had breakfast so on our way home sis and I stopped by In N Out for some delicious real natural fries and a protein burger. YUM!