Hungry for Hummus

Originally I had planned to go to The Beverly Center to check out the H&M there to see if they had a better and bigger selection of the Conscious Collection but that didn't happen. Was woken up before I wanted to be up by my sister's project members, took Meeko for his morning potty, and had lunch with my parents.

Spent the entire day studying everything I surprisingly learned in yesterday's math class and is still shocked I did not fall asleep once during the whole 6 hours. Hot weather was once again present today, I wouldn't have mind if I was burning at Coachella though. Sis and I basically spent the entire day doing work on paper and our computers.

Somewhere around 6:00pm I just needed to get out of the house so we did our weekly grocery shopping. Was stoked to finally wear this skirt I took off of Rachel's hands. I normally don't like skirts that aren't above my knee or completly touching/dragging on the floor but this skirt is absolutely beautiful. From the print to the lace tier detailing.. thanks Rachel!

Very excited to finally be stocked up on my pita and hummus. Trying a new one this week: Edame Hummus

Lastly, we had $1 "expires today" spaghetti and meat balls and a supreme pizza, the spaghetti was better.