Burn Baby Burn

One of my favorite gifts from my grandma. Not sure where it came from but it's either Hong Kong or China and if it was hand made then whoever's hands that made it must be magic.

Went to my local H&M tonight and found absolutely NOTHING that I wanted from the Conscious Collection. In fact, it was rather disappointing because apparently only The Americana or The Grove carries the one of a kind pieces which is this dress that I really want for a wedding in June. Anyways, will update with photos in the dressing room and possible a video tomorrow. It's 1:53am and I haven't began my studies.

Note to self: Today was a good day in Week #2 of Assortment Planning and Purchasing. Got called out 1 out of 2 girls who had a great project. *pats self in the back* and answered many questions the professor asked so I guess you could say I am feeling pretty confident in passing this class with a solid B or possible an A, we'll see.. we'll see..