1) I have this addiction to the sky.. hence a lot of my sky photos are taken when I am driving.. I know, it's a driving hazard but I can't stop myself..

2) All of the plushies you see in the photo are now stored away in the garage. It was really hard for me to store them away because each one holds a memory and a piece of my life. Several were from ex-boyfriends (monkeys, rabbit, cow), my best friend and I have twin Heffalumps, and the others were won at an arcade with my sister. It's been almost 3 years since we've moved into our new home and my bedroom is still not done. I've managed to get the side bed tables and a dresser in front of my bed for where a flat screen t.v. will be mounted above but I am still sleeping on just mattresses and the walls are empty.

3) My sister was randomly going through my parents room searching for something and stumbled across a lot of old photos. Here, we have my parents when they were dating and a baby picture of my sister.

4) A baby picture of yours truly :)

I'll be doing weekly posts of random photos I've taken through out the week. I take a lot of photos, I love photography, so if you do too I hope you enjoy these weekly photos post!