Toy Yorkie

(The Puppy Store)

As a dog owner it's like being a mother or a father to your pup. When I got Meeko I was unemployed and taking a break from school so I was at home with him 24/7. Since I've been going back to school and landing my full time job he's home with my sister but not "with" her especially since he's barely picking up potty training. He's alone in the garage most of the time and well, I've been thinking about getting another little boy to keep him company.

I have my eye on the Toy Yorkshire Terrior aka Toy Yorkie. They're super small, calm, and loving. I think it'd be the perfect sibling for Meeko since he's more of the hyper active one. I think it'd be a great balance..

Isn't this how mothers think after having the first child?