Coffea and Tea = Cofftea.

I would say that I am very active on the internet. I can spend hours surfing through Style.com and many other fashion websites and certainly fashion blogs from people all over the world.. The Purse Forum is another guilty pleasure of mine however I've been hiatus because I am trying to pay off my student loans so I figured that staying away from TPF completely would help (it has!). The Fashion Spot is another one of my favorites and Tumblr is the newest of websites that I have found myself quite addicted to. As for social networks like Facebook and Myspace, I am not too fond of. I don't find looking at others photos or reading comments that people send to each other that interesting.. however, aside from my fashion surfing I am very into.. . YELP!

YELP is somewhat a social network for foodies but it's also more of a search engine + opinions from real people where each user can write their own review and post photos, etc. Most of my iPhone's battery life goes to going on YELP because every time I go somewhere I am bound to "check in" and "add a new business photo".

Well, thanks to YELP on the iPhone, one night before bed I was looking at the highest rated tea houses around my neighborhood and I found "Cofftea". I knew where this place was because I drive by it almot every other day, however, I've never tried it so I decided to get one of the recommended YELP drinks which happens to be my favorite "Rose Milk Tea" (with boba! for an extra fun kick!) to go before work the next morning and since then my sister and I have been coming back here almost every other day (seriously).

Drew Barrymore for BAZAAR magazine
One of my favorite editorials.

These photos were taken last week on Wednesday (11/17/2010) but I wanted to save it for this post specifically. You can find my review for Cofftea on YELP right here, feel free to add me if you are on YELP as well!