Ten Things You Want to Say to Ten Different People Right Now.

1. I got a job!!!! Before I graduated! I want to give you 1/2 of my paycheck every month and help out so you won't be stressed anymore!!!! Are you proud of me?! :) :) :)

2. I am so lucky to have you. I need to be nicer to you...

3. No matter what. Even when we're not speaking/arguing, I am thinking of you...

4. I hate you. Stay in Arizona, do not ever come back!

5. The only reason why I still speak to you is because you were my first love...

6. You're annoying. Shut up. Do not put your feet on my dashboard & don't leave trash in my car, kthx.

7. You need to learn to have a higher tolerance...

8. You are not fat, just out of shape, work out harder!!!

9. I am sorry I broke your heart but I just wasn't attracted to you anymore... I did love you very much though. Wish we remained friends but it's okay, I understand.

10. You are an amazing and beautiful person. But, I hate when you ask me to do things for you and you need to stop being so lazy and face the real world/reality.

I remember back when I was in middle school & Xanga was the 'it' blog. These survey question things use to be so addicting/popular.

Decided to do one because I just happened to stumble across my best friend's Tumblr and she's apparently doing a ton of them :P