World, meet Meeko.

Jennie has been bugging me about getting a pet and for some odd reason she's been wanting a bunny rabbit so this morning when I got home after dropping her off at school, I looked up bunny rabbits for adoption. The Pasadena Humane Society which I never knew of offers so many different animals for adoption, from dogs, cats, to rabbits and hamsters! I never knew they had rabbits and hamsters available for adoption! ADOPT! DO NOT BUY! So after finding numerous bunnies that I thought Jennie would be interested in, I emailed each one of them and several replied. As I was on my way to check out the bunny rabbits, I received an email for a this pup who needed a home. Ok, so Jennie didn't mention a pup but since my separation from Lily, I've been feeling the need to fill my pup spot back :(

I make a U-turn and show up at this lady's home who 'Fatso' (his original name) was staying with and rescued from. This sweet lady rescues animals on her spare time and apparently Fatso's original owners were very irresponsible. The lady's father-in-law's friends were the owners and apparently the father-in-law of the lady got one of the pups for his niece's birthday and her pup had a bunch of worms! The lady took the initiative to deworm that pup first and after she took in all 6 pups and found homes for all of them! How sweet is that! When I first stepped foot into her apartment I found this little guy bouncing around along with her 2 other dogs and he was just the sweetest thing! Without a thought of mom and dad not being okay with it, I took him and went to surprise Jennie after school.

Everyone meet Meeko!
His name Meeko was taken from the raccoon from my favorite Disney Princess movie, Pocahontas.