Finally got a dresser!

One more week (which is finals) and this quarter is done!

One more to go and it's graduation time baby!

I came across this hat that somewhat resembles the one from Free People that I've been yearning for a long time no but still hasn't gone on sale.

Free People - $68

This hat - $19

Outfit for the day!

I finally found a top that would go amazingly well over this tube dress.

Top: Cotton On, Dress: American Apparel, Jewelry: Mixed, Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

Guess what! I finally got a dresser in my room :D
I can finally get rid of that rack that's been holding some of my clothes.

It's from Ikea! $170 + tax and it comes in white, oak, and black.

Thank you grandma for helping me fold up some of my clothes!

Love my grandma <3Winter clothes is going into storage.

Yea, I most certainly should not be allowed to buy anymore clothes.