Baby Sister's Spring Dessert Banquet.

I love my sister and would do anything for her so I wasn't hesitant when I received her text messages today while I was in class. Mom and her were suppose to go pick up the dress from the bridal shop that we had dropped off the dress to get shortened but they happened to be closed. She was already upset at the fact that she had gotten two ginormous bug bites on her legs and so she wasn't having a good day at all. Big sister to the rescue!

I immediately zoomed out of class on an emergency notice (this is what you call a fashion emergency.) and headed to my car. Calling all the H&M stores closest to me at the moment I ended up at Pasadena first. I got my sister's sizes mixed up so I ended up at Arcadia and got her the exact same dress. in her size and rushed home and helped her pin it up, gave her some accessories and mission aborted!

Dress: H&M, Jewelrly: Forever21 and H&M, Shoes: Mother's

She looks absolutely beautiful in this white dress. Couldn't have chosen a better dress or color, really. And that necklace just went perfectly with it. The most beautiful girl at the banquet for sure!