Electric Daisy Carnival 2010

It's been a while since I've danced. I'm done wasting my $$$ away at clubs and hip hip+rap is most certainly not my choice of music. I prefer saving up for raves. Techno, trance, house and electric is me. The girlfriend and I went to many raves, back to back, in 2009. But since we've had a sudden change in our jobs and she went back to school, we didn't go as much this year. The last one we attended was 'Together as One' on New Years so I'm beyond excited for EDC! I can't wait!!!

Tickets came out yesterday at 10am and for some reason everyone was making it a huge deal to get your tickets fast. It's not like this is an event that sells out the first week. The price goes up weekly but geez, I fell for the trick and have already purchased my ticket. I guess it's a good thing anyways since the girlfriend and I have a history of procrastinating until the end and having to be forced to buying the ticket double the price.

Fun part aside from the music+dancing? Deciding what to wear of course!!! Because my funds didn't pull through AGAIN this year for Coachella (best music event w/ fashion! in my opinion) I like to sadly substitute it for EDC, lol. And unless you are planning on never wearing your pair of gladiator sandals ever again, just don't wear anything expensive or you would be hurt if you lost to a rave. Last year we wore a simple white flowy off the shoulder t-shirt with a denim skirt and a clip on daisy in our hair, I want to go a little more detailed this year, we'll see.. .

If you haven't gotten your tickets, GET THEM HERE and fast! Ticket prices go up every 1-2 weeks I believe.