You Haven't Even Tried It

1) I've been wearing these sunglasses from Target non-stop. I'm considering getting another pair just in case, after all they're under $20 so you really can't beat that..
2) My sister will be gone for 3 nights and 4 days with Amor Amici for their beach house. She did an amazing job coordinating the entire money situation and looking for the house. Pepperdine couldn't have chosen anyone more perfect.
3 & 4) My wonderful mother. Top by American Rag, Vintage pants (I assume since she's had it for 20+ years), Cathy Jean shoes, and Rebecca Minkoff handbag
5, 6, 7, 8, 9) Accompanied dad to a grocery store I've never been to..
10) Grilled Squid.. I'm not a big fan of squid but I do enjoy those spicy dried snacks that come in those packages..
11) Not exactly what the name of the packages mean but they're basically these really tiny fishes..
12) Clams???
13) Checking out.. whenever I go grocery shopping with my dad I make sure to load up on my favorite Asian snacks such as Pocky, Red Bean Ice Cream, etc..
14) Current color on my nails: Mint Sobet by Sally Hansen
15) No outfit post for today but I've been obsessed with camera whoring with these Target sunglasses that I love so much! + dinner :)

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