Dressing Room Adventure: H&M "Conscious Collection"

I completely forgot when/what day I went on this trip to the H&M at The Beverly Center because my local H&M had none of the pieces I had my eye on (the scallop dress most importantly!) but it's about time I published this post!

Here's the video version of it!

Aside from the crochet shorts that are also apart of the Conscious Collection, the rest of the pieces aren't. They're just from H&M's "Divided Black" line and most of the things I picked out were under $20 :)

P.s. Please excuse my black underwear :(


Sammie said...

those shorts look really fun :)

annaversary said...

Thanks Sammie! They are! Super cute for the summer :) I haven't gotten a chance to wear them yet but when I do it will def. go up in a blog post!