A Lawyer and A Doctor

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Got bit by a damn Chihuahua yesterday around 4:30pm while taking Meeko for a stroll around the neighborhood. I immediately picked Meeko up and the bastard bit my left leg. Thankfully, the wound isn't severe but it did puncture a few holes and bled. I spent the entire day taking care of this matter. I woke up at 6:00am to get ready to take sis to school and by the time I dropped her off it was 7:00am. I drove over to the city's "Public Safety Center" which did nothing for me besides filling out this piece of paper with my information and a few sentences of what happened. They were suppose to fax the paper over to animal control but did not until I called back 2 hours later. I had to literally keep calling back to push them to fax the paper over and finally animal control received it. After, I spent the entire afternoon looking for a lawyer because since I turned 19 I did not have health insurance so I found an amazing lawyer, he found me a doctor, I got a shot (which I was so terrified of since I haven't had one in years!) and I just finished emailing the attorney all the photos I took of my wound.

I hate to be a dog racist but I never liked Chihuahuas and now I never will. Yes, Meeko is 1/2 but that doesn't count.