I Love Ikea

1. Red is the bestfriend's color and if I were to decorate her place, it would look something like this.
2. I really like the tall height of dining tables.
3. This mirror would be the perfect accessory in my room! I want. I need.
4. I look extremely short in these outfit shots. I'm wearing Chinese Laundry sandals, of course I'd look short.
5. I was going to get it for Meeko but then I realized he'd tear it up in no time.

Agreed to take my aunt to Ikea so she could buy this dresser that was on sale. Turns out that folks were already lining up hours before the store opened so we left with things we didn't need. As usual.. but I got something I needed and love very much. It's a glass topper for my dresser and I will take a photo of it and post it soon. It's quite lovely and now I don't have to worry about staining my all white dresser, yay!