Handle It


I'm a smart girl and I work hard and I get my sh!t done but one thing bad about me is how I handle it along the way. I go through this period where I am super stressed and start whining, complaining, and b*tching at everything and everyone and it's a really terrible horrible habit. Being in Peer Resources in high school taught me many things about life, others, and most importantly myself. I need to handle the situation and not let the situation handle me.

Then again, think about it. If you were me, you hate math, you are taking a 6 hour class on a Saturday, it feels as if the weekend doesn't even exist, double the work, divide the normal weeks of a quarter which = 5 weeks of class, still, that leaves you with the anxiety of knowing whether you're going to pass or fail determines your graduation status.

So excuse my language but FCUK ME!