When It Rains It Pours.. and purrs

H&M Parka // Sparkle & Fade Striped Long Sleeve // Leopard Scarf from a boutique in Beverly Hills // Chinese Laundry OTK Boots

Please ignore the cheesy title of this blog as I had to kind of make it go with my outfit today, haha. I took Meeko out for a potty break for the first time today, in the rain I mean.. we normally just keep him in the garage and have him potty there but he's so good with the training that he doesn't go so I took an umbrella and went out to fight the rain.

Picked Jennie up from school > Montebello Mall > Chicken Now because Jennie didn't eat lunch and stayed after school til 6pm for AP testing > Victoria's Secret because I had to exchange the INCREDIBLE bra that I bought a few weeks ago the straps kept falling off my shoulders > Home > American Idol

As much as I wish I had a photographer boyfriend or friend (anyone who knows how to take nice photos/isn't irritated when I ask them) to take my photos, I don't.. so as of now I am opting to self timer and well, making YouTube videos :)