Light and Free Friday

Forever 21 knit beanie, denim button-down, Kensie oversized grandpa cardigan, American Apparel tube dress, Aldo and Metro Park jewelry

Didn't have much of an agenda today for a Friday. I've been avoiding the gym lately so instead I am skipping big breakfast meals and having a cup of Light and Fit Vanilla yogurt which taste amazingly like those yogurt parfaits from McDonald's, all I'm missing is the fruits and granola. Anyways, took Meeko on a small walk around our complex and left the house for the day. Ran a bank errand for mom, filled up my gas tank at Costco and using that excuse that Chipotle is right across the street I grabbed a vegetarian burrito bowl to-go since I figured I'd be starving after hours of being at school. Worked in the annex building til around 5pm and came home. That burrito bowl didn't taste good after sitting in my handbag for a couple of hours but thank goodness my sister had some left over Yama sushi for me, mmm. Finally got her to watch "The Other Boleyn Girl" and had a second Chinese New Years dinner with my parents when they came home from work. Looking forward to the Lunar New Year festivals around town tomorrow. Expect lots of photos! Hope everyone else had a more interesting Friday!