Going The Distance

My morning was busier than usual today. Normally I wake up at 6am, take Meeko out for a mini walk, potty and feed him breakfast. Around 6:30am I take my sister to school, drop her off and drive back home. Today, after dropping sis at school I went to my aunt's house where grandma fed me her homemade oatmeal with raisins and eggs. I waited for the Bff to finish up some last minute packing and we were off to the LAX. We left at 8am and got there around 9:30am which was just the perfect timing because her flight was scheduled for 10:00am.

She's going to be in Canada for a week. She's going the distance for love. I'm very happy for her and I'm a fan of the lucky guy who's anxiously awaiting for her arrival at this exact moment..