Inspired Neutrals.

Gifted faux leather jacket from my lovely bosses, Forever21 striped shirt, H&M dress shorts , Random black tights, Rebecca Minkoff Handbag, H&M, F21, and ASOS jewelry.

Photos of my outfit that I wore today to lunch with my family.
Sis normally hates taking photos of/for me but she did a great job today! Thx sis!
Some stills from the video I will be editing/posting up as soon as it's done.
I not only have to tie up my long almost Rapunzel hair to eat but I need to remove all jewelry too. Knuckle rings and statement necklaces aren't exactly easy to pig out with.
Meeko is finally beginning to pick up potty training :)
He hasn't made a boo boo in the garage!
I have to search for a steady indoor crate/play pen for him so I can put him in the house as soon as he gets his manhood taken away :(
A beautiful street that I will return to take photos at and of.