Motherly Monday.

Cape: New York & Company, Hidden inside dress: American Apparel, Tights: Forever21, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff, Fingerless Lace Gloves: ALDO

I was sick with the cold a week ago and last night I fought the cold, again, but this time I won. Still, my work recommended that I stay home and rest for the rest of the week so I got dressed and went along with my mother's plans. We first went to join in my dad's luncheon with his childhood classmates. It was pretty amazing looking at old wrinkled b&w laminated photos of my dad when he was a kid, completely unrecognizable. After, we went to run a few errands such as picking up my sister from school and dropping her off at home. We went to the mall to redeem our free panties from VS and used up the "City Cash" from New York & Company that mom got when she purchased this poncho/cape for me for my birthday. I absolutely love love love it, so fun wearing it today. It will be one of the much loved items in my closet.

I filmed a lot today, (thank you mom!) so I will be making a OOTD video on my YouTube of course, stay tuned! xo