Megan Fox @ Spike TV's 2010 Scream Awards.

(Photo via Just Jared)

I'm pretty sure the percentage of people who think that Megan Fox is gorgeous is much bigger than those who don't think so and I am definitely a part of the group who finds her h-o-t.

Megan attended Spike TV's 2010 Scream Awards yesterday and can I vent that I HATE her outfit? What the hell was the stylist thinking putting that disgusting not to mention boring pleated dress on her? The color is wonderful but the entire style and fit of that dress is gross and unflattering. I love simple designs but that dress is simply ugly. If Megan can't even pull it off I don't think anyone else can..

Stylists who do shit like this makes me angry, why? Well, for one because they suck at what they are doing and don't deserve their career, second because there are other designers who have WAY better shit to show but instead this crap gets the chance to be displayed and thrown onto gorgeous women such as Megan and not only is it embarrassing to the person wearing it but also to the person who dressed them.

Stylist fail. The shoes are nice but that doesn't deserve much credit to cover up the dress fail.