Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1) Even though we fight I have never came close to calling you a bitch. I cannot believe you can call me that.

2) I am glad that she likes you.. she needs another good friend in her life.

3) You are truly my best friend. If there was no one else in this world but you and I, I would be fine with that.

4) We're family. I would never stay mad at you. Well, at least for what you recently did, accidentally.. sort of.

5) I think of you, you think of me. The thing is, we'll never be. I'm not confirming.

6) It was all fun and games. It's been a year. I wonder if you think of me because I sometimes think of you.

7) You are one of the most beautiful people I know. Everything about you, I love. You are one of my closest friends. However, stop asking me to do your homework.

8) You are troubled and sometimes that's why you get so heated up and your temper rises, but we all love you for all you do.

9) I tell you everything, you are one of the best. I am so lucky. The only thing I keep from you is whenever I am dating someone.. that is a sign of them not being good for me because if they were good enough I would bring them home to meet you.

10) You are hurt. You are hurt because the person you love so much doesn't give you what you want and need. That is why you did what you did. It wasn't nice and it certainly wasn't fair but you did it because you had no other choice. You've done all you could and sadly, you are thinking of negative thoughts.. try to keep your head and heart up, maybe.. just maybe, there is hope in this person.