Much needed beach day.

all to myself. Just me, myself and I.

I remember when my parents use to drop my sister and I off at my aunt and uncle's house when we were younger, back when we weren't old enough to stay home alone yet, my mother had bought each my sister and I a journal. That was when it all started, me and my writing, it use to be the same old thing everyday "today I ate Wendy's and Jennie and I played with our Barbies" but as I got older, I wrote about the emotional and more complexed things I was dealing with in my life. Since then I have been addicted to writing and keeping a dairy/journal. I fill it up pretty well too and to look back and read it as each year goes by, it's amazing what you can see yourself accomplish and go through!

So before I got my driver's licenses and knew how to get to the beach without using a GPS I would just write in my room and from home but now thanks to my beloved babe Tofu Bob, I enjoy doing these self beach days where I go to the beach alone, just me and my journal+agenda if I feel like organizing my work life (lol, which I usually do) and some snacks and just write the day away about what's been going on in my life.

I've decided that this weekend will allow me to do this! After all, tonight I got this reality hot flash where it's actually related to my work. I've decided to take the summer off, not quite sure if it's because I am nervous to graduate with only 2 classes left but I am working and volunteering all summer. Along with that, I have a lot to do such as setting up my online store and some other personal goals I have, I have much to do.

Since the break has begun and I think school's been out (not "out" but Spring quarter ended) for about a good 2 weeks? now and I have been doing nothing productive such as sleeping around 3-5am and waking up at 1pm to pick up Jennie from summer school and by the time I am done with whatever we decide to do after, the day is already gone.

It's time to get back on track and in the zone!

Trust me, this procedure and "self beach day" I do is my little secret and yellow brick road to my future of a successful happily ever after.