room randomness.

LEFT: Another necklace from the FIDM scholarship store! $3
RIGHT: Some of my necklaces that I've worn recently.

That's a basket of CLEAN clothes.

The adorable Hello Kitty hamper my baby sister got me for my 19th birthday.
I love it.
What's better than a good looking hamper used to hide dirty clothes?

While attempting to "clean" my room last night, I snapped some random photos of just things around my room. From my jewerly box of rings and some of my necklaces to my corner of Hello Kitty : )

I need a bigger closet. When we were house hunting there was nothing more important to me than a big closet and whaddaya know, we picked a house with the smallest closet. Just my luck. Then again, we're (the family) always talking about how this is just temporary and we should be making another move soon. Crossing my fingers and toes that time will come soon. I hate having to keep emptying out my closet to make room for new things.

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Paulina said...

Your closet is CRAZY!!