foodie wednesday.

One thing I love about the college life and living at home is that I get to have lunch with my aunt who's like a second mother to me. There's that time before her oldest daughter/my cousin gets off from school for us to go shopping or eat most of the time. Today was one of those days and because my grandma is here now, I get to spend time with her too. My grandma has a few favorite foods from America and one of them is Pho aka Vietnamese Noodle Soup. After lunch we did some grocery shopping.

After grocery shopping I just hung out at her house until Jennie got off and she took both of us home. Mom and dad finally got insurance for Tofu Bob III so of course, we made a reason to take it out for a spin! Jennie randomly said she was craving shaved ice and because of my recent obsession with Yelp, we searched for a place near by and new, one that we've never been to and Half & Half Tea House in San Gabriel popped up.

I had been eying these Cocobelle Gladiator Sandals 2007 Spring/Summer and when they finally went on sale for $40 from $90 which is about 50% off I had to have both! Because the little sister isn't a shopaholic and doesn't spend $ like I do nor care about fashion as much as I do I always have the courtesy of buying them for her or giving her things of mine. She's on the right with the black and gold studs!

And after our first experience at Half & Half Tea House (you can read my review on it here via Yelp) we went to 99 Ranch Market and bought some Asian snacks for dinner along with a Subway sandwich while watching Avatar.

Top: No brand label, from Hong Kong (thanks Grandma!<3)
Shorts: Silence and Noise Side Zipper Denim Shorts
Shoes: CocoBelle Gladiator Sandals
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff 'Morning After Clutch' in Black Quilted Patent

This amazing gorgeous tunic is 1/4 of the items that grandma bought from her usual bag of clothes for mom and I. It's so rare for me to find more than 1 item usually because grandma has never been into fashion and Hong Kong isn't exactly.. well the fashion is very different there, lol. Most of the things she brings over are usually flooded with graphics or weird prints and the silhouette is just disgusting. But this time I found 4 items and one of them being this top which reminds me a lot of the pieces from Jen's Pirate Booty. I love it! I have it in this royal blue and a cream, I seriously cannot get enough of this top as I wear it and just raise my arms and dance around like a Gypsy.