Girls in Glasses.

During my usual fashion blog surfing, I came across this stunning piece of art by Danny Roberts who's done many art pieces that have been featured in VOGUE, WWD, and The NY Times.

He calls it "The Girls in Glasses" and if I had $800 laying around I'd purchase it in a heart beat and have it hung above where I lay to rest every night. I've been searching for the perfect piece to put up on that wall and now that I have I can't afford it, I hate it when this happens!

You can view/purchase more of his work at his Etsy shop > http://www.etsy.com/people/DannyRoberts


Igor+andré said...

awe thanks so much! :)
it really means alot!
you know only the big one is $800.
there are a few sizes much cheaper.
the $800 is really big ;)

annaversary said...
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